Welcome to WriteAway!

WriteAway is open for the Fall Term from September 19 to December 7.

WriteAway is an exciting service in BC that gives students at participating institutions the opportunity to receive online writing assistance. Qualified tutors from each of the participating sites staff the service and provide feedback on students' draft writing assignments. There are currently fifteen institutions participating in WriteAway.

The WriteAway project was initiated by the Council of Senior Student Affairs Leaders in BC (CSSAL), and is being developed in cooperation with BCcampus, the BC Electronic Library Network (BC ELN), and Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, University of British Columbia.

How does WriteAway work?

The WriteAway service is offered through a platform called eTutoring, developed by the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium, supported and hosted in BC by BCcampus.

Students who would like feedback from a tutor on a drafted writing assignment can use the following process:

  1. Login to eTutoring via your institutional login page. If it is your first time using the service, create an account by clicking on the 'Need an account?' link.
  2. Once you have logged in to eTutoring, from your home page you can either send an eQuestion (a quick question about writing or grammar), or you can upload a draft writing assignment for feedback by clicking on the eWriting Lab link.

  3. A tutor at any of the participating institutions will read your writing assignment, provide written guidance, and upload their response to the eTutoring platform. You can submit up to three drafts of any paper.
  4. An email notification will be sent to you letting you know that feedback on your draft writing assignment is ready to be picked up from the system.
Have more questions about WriteAway? Please visit the WriteAway Frequently Asked Questions page.