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Last Updated: April 2022

One person (and a back-up) should be designated as the primary institutional contact to the WriteAway Administrative Centre. This person will be responsible for forwarding messages from the Administrative Centre to the relevant person/s at their institutions.

One or more people at the institution can fulfill the following responsibilities. Please note: All duties connected with supervision, training, and monitoring of tutors should be fulfilled by an individual or individuals with appropriate background in providing writing support and experience in writing service supervision. The WriteAway Coordinator is available to assist if necessary.

1. Hire, schedule, and supervise the institution’s WriteAway tutors.


  • Ensure that all the institution’s WriteAway coordinators and tutors have agreed to and signed all applicable institutional privacy and confidentiality agreements, as well as the WriteAway Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement. Please keep the signed Privacy and Confidentiality Agreements on file in case they are required in the event of a FOIPP request.
  • Ensure that institutional tutors have a background in online tutoring philosophy and pedagogy, and meet WriteAway tutor competencies.
  • Ensure that tutors know where to find, and understand, home institution’s policy regarding students/others at risk. Please review the Student Privacy and Safety section of the WriteAway Tutoring Overview for tutor procedures around student safety.
  • Send tutor contact information to the WriteAway Administrative Centre before the beginning of each semester and when any changes occur during the semester.
  • Schedule tutors into the WriteAway collaborative schedule each semester. Instructions provided by the Administrative Centre.
  •  With support from WriteAway Coordinator, communicate to tutors any supervisory issues and work with tutors to ensure they fulfill WriteAway duties. See below for institutional coordinator role in tutor evaluation process.

Tutor Evaluation Process

Institutional coordinators supervise their own institution’s tutors.

The WriteAway Coordinator will communicate to institutional coordinators how tutors are meeting WriteAway expectations by reviewing tutor responses, developing feedback, and submitting this feedback to the institutional coordinator. With direction from the institutional coordinator, the WriteAway Coordinator may work with tutors to bring their work up to the standards provided by the WriteAway tutor competencies. If institutional coordinators wish to, they may conduct tutor evaluations in addition to to the feedback provided by the WriteAway Coordinator.


2. Create and maintain institution’s Learning Support Page for use by tutors and students.


Institutional coordinators should regularly review and provide updated information to the WriteAway Administrative Centre to be shared on their Institutional Learning Support page. 


3. Promote WriteAway to appropriate members of institutional community


For promotional guidance please contact the WriteAway Administrative Centre. Promotional materials are also available available online.


4. Report back regularly to institution’s administration and faculty on the benefits and impact of WriteAway at the institution.


The WriteAway Administrative Centre will support coordinators with gathering statistics and reporting.