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WriteAway Coordinator Responsibilities

Last Updated: May 2022

The WriteAway Coordinator’s role is to provide WriteAway tutor training, evaluation, and support in order to assure quality of tutor responses to students. In this role, the WriteAway Coordinator will work closely with institutional coordinators (ICs), tutors, and the WriteAway Administrative Centre. In addition, the WriteAway Coordinator provides support for the overall WriteAway service (e.g. through online tutoring, by contributing to the development of training materials), and supports committee work.


1. Provide Ongoing Support for the WriteAway Service

  • Respond to students’ submissions when turnaround time exceeds service goals
  • Monitor and recommend strategies for managing backlogs
  • Ensure an appropriate response is given to specific student, instructor, and/or supervisory complaints
  • Develop, add to, and update WriteAway resources
  • Maintain communication about training and evaluation with appropriate groups (e.g. tutors, institutional coordinators, WriteAway Administrative Centre, WriteAway Advisory Committee)
  • Maintain communication about technical service with appropriate groups (e.g. students, tutors, institutional coordinators, WriteAway Administrative Centre, WriteAway Advisory Committee)
  • Work with institutional coordinators and WriteAway Administrative Centre to determine term-by-term tutoring schedule

2. Train, Evaluate, and Support WriteAway Tutors

  • Plan, schedule, and facilitate training of new tutors at the start of each new term, in coordination with the WriteAway Administrative Centre
  • Provide ongoing training for returning tutors
  • Use the WriteAway tutor response rubric to provide all institutions’ tutors (via institutional coordinator) with feedback and make suggestions for improvement based on occasional review of their work [as per the WriteAway Tutor Evaluation Process outlined at]. Evaluations are delivered to institutional coordinators who pass these along to tutors at their discretion.
  • Assist tutors if they have questions about appropriate responses
  • Develop and update training materials

3. Support and Participate in Relevant Committees

  • Support the work of the WriteAway Advisory Committee
    • Schedule meetings
    • Create documents
    • Write and distributes minutes
    • Liaise with committee & policy development