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Northern Lakes College Learning Support Services

Looking to connect with your NLC Tutor?

Visit this page, or drop by the Peace River Campus, to learn more about how your NLC Tutor can support your writing and study skills.


The Northern Lakes College Library offers several resources which will help you in writing a research paper. 

1. Not sure how to even get started with a research paper? Our Northern Lakes College Library will help you understand what you need in order to be an effective researcher.

Click here to access the LibGuide. 

2. Learn how to effectivly search library resources for your papers. 

Click here to access the LibGuide. 

3. The NLC Library offers a step-by-step guide on surviving a research paper. This site offers help with research, evaluating sources, writing, and using different citation styles (e.g. APA and MLA). 

Click here to access the LibGuide.